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We help Albertans navigate the ACMPR process. From obtaining your medical card to determining which strains or consumption methods are ideal, you can trust us to provide the advice and guidance you need.

Helping Albertans Manage Pain, Treat Illness, & Benefit From Medical Cannabis

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Calgary’s a massive city. Holy cow. Where else in Canada can the same city have two completely different weather systems hit at the same time?


Responsible Access & Proper Education
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For the first time in recent history, Canadians are able to explore the medical and recreational benefits of Cannabis. This is no small thing!

We believe that by educating consumers, Canadians will be able to have informed conversations surrounding cannabis. 

More importantly, Canadians will be empowered to make choices regarding their health and medication.

We invest in patient education to ensure informed and safe consumption


Want to talk the latest cananbis research? Unsure of which method of consumption is most appropriate for you? Come in and talk to us! We’re always up to date.

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Consumption Accessories


There are many ways to consume cannabis, from the stereotypical joint to edibles. There are pro’s and cons to each, and that’s where we can help.

In addition to a well-stocked inventory, we can also provide hands-on instruction and guidance regarding your preferred method of consumption.


We stock quality products at competitive prices

Save yourself the shipping and shop local!

Our glass, consumption tools, and other accessories are priced competitive with the online market.